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tv   Today  NBC  June 3, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning, the 3rd day of june, 2010. kind of a hot, muggy one here in new york city. it just got hotter because we had a great concert just a couple of minutes ago from the "american idol" winner and runner-up, lee dewyze and crystal bowersox. they're still talking to their fans. just in case you missed their music, they have a special duet coming up. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall. good to have you back. >> thank you very much. nice weather. beautiful weather. >> not bad, right? al, by the way, we should mention, has split. he's down in pensacola beach, florida. people down there are really concerned, they're watching the water because the oil slick, and
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even part of the oil spill, making its way toward the florida panhandle. al will have more on that situation in just a couple of minutes. then we're going to be talking about joran van der sloot. we all remember, he was the suspect for a while in the disappearance of american natalee holloway about five years ago. well now, according to authorities, he is on the run after being named the prime suspect in the death of another young lady, that murder taking place in peru. we'll have the latest on that story. and new questions surrounding the death of gary coleman after the 911 calls placed after his accident in his home were released. >> we're talking about accidents in your home, not related to gary coleman, but 21,000 people die as a result of accidents in the home. another 21 million end up in the hospital. we'll take a look at some of the hazards in your home, including pets, some of the appliances in your home. we'll take a quiz and remind people of dangers that exist in all of our homes probably, and
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on a lighter note -- it is beautiful out so a lot of people this weekend may be kicking back, relax is on the porch, feet up and a good book and lemonade. we'll have interesting items to spice up your front porch. give a little pizzazz to all of your neighbors will want to come over and visit. >> it is a porch makeover? >> but inexpensive. let's go inside. natalie is standing by while ann is on assignment. good morning. good morning. the government's point man on the gulf oil disaster says bp hopes to finish cutting an oil well pipe later today so it can be capped. on this program this morning, coast guard admiral thad allen said an underwater robot was using hydraulic sheers to finish kutdi i cutting the pipe after a saw blade got stuck on wednesday. israel is calling on the u.n. and others for an international investigation into this week's deadly raid on ships trying to carry aid to gaza. today hundreds of pro-palestinian activists seized by israeli commandos arrived home in turkey where funerals are being held for the nine
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activists killed in that raid. president obama meets today with arizona governor jan brewer over her state's tough new immigration law. brewer is hoping she and the president can agree on ways to improve border security. police in northwest england are still trying to find a motive in a deadly shooting rampage wednesday. a taxi driver opened fire killing at least 12 people before killing himself. maytag is recalling about 1.7 million dishwashers in the u.s. because of an electrical problem in the heating element could pose a serious fire hazard. find out more about the models involved at there is probably only one man who could serenade the president's wife without raising eyebrows, paul mccartney as he sang "michelle" and other hits last night at the white house where he received the gershwin award for popular songs. president obama praise td forme beatle for providing the soundtrack for a generation. he certainly did that.
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three minutes past the hour. back outside to matt and tamron. >> that would have been a cool ticket to have. >> can you imagine? al is in pensacola beach, florida with more on the weather. of course the people are watching to see if that oil makes it to the beach today. al? >> hey, guys, the oil sheen, there is an oil sheen about seven miles offshore. they expect it to make landfall within 24 to 48 hours. that may pick up steam as we've got winds coming out of the south-southwest today, on into tomorrow, with this oil slick. in fact, that's going to be the big problem, kind of the fly in the ointment, if you will. we've got a big bunch of storms firing up in the gulf which may even increase the winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour to up to 40 miles per hour, which will complicate things here in the gulf as far as that's concerned. as you can see, those thunderstorms firing up along the panhandle of florida. that's going to cause big problems. again, they don't have any beach closures here. beaches are open but of course,
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they're watching, they've got spotter boats and they've also got helicopters up as well. as you can see for today, we are looking at a lot of heavy weather throughout, a slight risk of strong storms throughout the mid-atlantic states into the northeast, clouds and showers in the pacific northwes >> we are off to a quiet start on this thursday. it will be a warm and humid today. late afternoon, 30% chance for a thunderstorm to >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> all right, al, thank you. five years after alabama teenager natalee holloway
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disappeared in aruba, joran slavan der sloot is again the chief suspect in the murder of a girl, this time from peru. van der sloot is reportedly on the run. courtney hazlett, good morning. once again, joran van der sloot is now the prime suspect. he was arrested twice during the natalee holloway story and was released. then now again his name has come up. give me some of the facts and backgrounds around the case. >> what we know is this -- that her body was found yesterday in peru. it looked like she was stabbed very violently, wrapped in a blanket and it occurred on monday which would be the five-year anniversary of the death -- i'm sorry, the disappearance of natalee holloway. joran van der sloot's attorney says, listen, this is a guy who just has people pointing fingers at him. he's not been convicted of anything, why are you doing this now? well, because his name was registered to the hotel room where this body was found. they're caught on videotape exiting the hotel together. this time at least there appears to be forensic evidence. there is a body.
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there wasn't a body with natalee holloway. it should be cleared up, one would think, pretty decisively. >> if they can find him because he's now reportedly as well on the run. so obviously that makes you look even that much more guilty. >> it certainly does. if he's innocent, he has a really bad habit of ending up with women who end up dying right after they've been in his company. i think in pop culture terms, the reason this is resonating so much is in so many cases, it is everyone's worst nightmare as a parent that your child could go missing when you think they're safe. as a woman, that you think that you're getting to know somebody and then suddenly everything goes wrong. it is not the person you thought it was. then furthermore, in pop culture terms, a lot of people are saying, maybe this is sort of an o.j. simpson sort of situation where you get away with it one time, and then something else happens and then you're finally caught. >> that leads you right back to that same person. let's talk also, speaking of a lot of the stories in the news the last couple of days, and more on the death of gary
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coleman. now we are hearing for the first time the 911 tape from the woman who was his wife. let's take a listen to a portion of that first. >> there's like blood all over and i can't do anything. >> where is he at now? >> on the floor in the kitchen. he's just sitting there. he's sitting up now. but he's like not. i mean his head's all bloody in the back. gary, don't move! stay there, okay? you have to put this on your head. keep pressure on this. okay? hold this. he's bloody like all freaking over. don't move. i don't even know why you're standing. here. >> tell him he needs to sit down. >> you need to sit down. sit down. gary, sit down! look at the floor. sit down! >> it is a hard phone call to listen to. are you surprised at the behavior that we're hearing from shannon price? >> it is a fascinating 911 call. usually when we hear those calls you don't want to listen because there is so much terror involved and grief. this just doesn't really sound like the call made by somebody
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who loved somebody who's hurt. really, there are some strange circumstances surrounding this. nothing about gary coleman's life was normal. from the beginning. i mean this is a person who was thrust into child stardom and from the word "go" his life was never normal again. their relationship specifically was one where they went through divorce court, they were divorced. papers indicate that. they were revealed yesterday. the attorney for gary coleman said, listen, i don't flow if they ever remarried but i think that's something he would have shared with me. >> that brings up questions about whether or not she's acting in his best interest when she's there directing the 911 call. then at the hospital. >> right. which leads to the hospital as well where she was the one to make the ultimate call that he be taken off of life support after he slipped out of consciousness. i think there are a lot of questions that remain here. the family of gary coleman definitely wants answers. it will be interesting to see how cooperative she is. >> then real quickly, charlie sheen, reportedly set to plead no contest to a misdemeanor
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charge stemming from the domestic dispute on christmas day with his wife. will he be heading to jail? he'll reportedly be sentenced to 30 days. >> >> all indications are monday he will appear in court in colorado. there is a plea deal in place. the judge hasn't signed off on it which is why no one from the sheen camp can make any official comment right now, but all indications are he'll go and report to jail as well on monday. this will be a 30-day sentence that really in the end will only end up being about 15 to 17 days once you factor in good behavior and that sort of thing. good time. really good timing, because "two and a half men," goes back to work usually in late july, early august. his originally court date wasn't until july 21st. he's hitting this off at the pass. and really again, it is will be an instance where his image is not hurt at all in the end. >> the highest paid actor in television. right? >> highest paid actor on
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television. number one show. this is a guy with a domestic violence claim against him and he's on a family show. this does not affect his career whatsoever. he is teflon in this industry. >> certainly beyond teflon. courtney hazlett, thank you so much. coming up next, how safe is your home? we'll show you some hidden dangers. also later, some inexpensive ideas to give your porch some curb appeal. ideas to give your porch some curb appeal. but first these messages. bluepr blueprint's free and exclusively for chase customers. for a big purchase, there's split. it lets you decide how much... or how many months you want to pay. so you can be comfortable managing all of your large purchases. if having a plan matters, chase what matters. design your plan at 866 blueprint. now with nutriummoisture. adding nourishment to freshness. so you can revitalize your mind and nourish your skin. dove go fresh with nutriummoisture.
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however, this stuff tastes pretty good. really good. yeah, i like the way i feel. it's not a gimmick. it really, truly works. i would highly recommend it to anyone else to take this challenge. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. according to the home safety council, nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits occur every year because of home-related injuries, even the most common household items like open cans or a clothes dryer. even your cat can pose a threat. here with advice on how to make your home safe is "self" magazine deputy health director, karen groh. >> lots of injuries happen at home. i don't want to scare anybody from going home tonight. your home is an inherently
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dangerous, can you get hurt easily, trip and fall over something that's a top cause of injury at home. a lot of women are doing more home improvement projects now to save money, they're doing it themselves so ladder injuries have increased by 70 percent over the last decade. your pet, even an appliance in your house can be a hazard. >> we have a quiz for you. >> this will help us all. my wrong answers will help you. what do you have? >> question number one -- which type of pet poses a bigger safety hazard at home? cats or dogs? >> i have a dog. so i won't say that. i guess it is cats. which is it? >> unfortunately, it's dogs. >> really? >> yeah. >> why? >> well, dogs are actually involved in nine times more fall injuries than cats and it makes sense because they sort of follow you around and get under foot. >> the cat doesn't want to be bothered with you. >> they hang out on their own. you want to especially when you go up and downstairs, shoo your pet off the steps. if you're carrying heavy things
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around and can't see your pet underneath you, lock your pet in a separate part of the house. next question, true or false -- it is okay to leave appliances plugged in when you're not at home as long as they're turned off? >> that's false. >> it's true. but there is a caveat. i want to make sure your appliances have a ul label. that means that it's been tested for safety independently and most modern appliances have been tested so you're probably safe. >> oh, okay. next one. >> next question, now we're in the bathroom. the top causes of injuries in the bathroom is -- a, cuts from a razor. b, electrical shock from an appliance like a hair dryer or c, slipping and falling in the tub or shower. >> even though someone just told me the answer is "c," i was going to say that anyway. >> you're cheating! >> i slipped and fell and hit my elbow. >> you use shampoo and conditioner and it gets slippery. the easiest thing to do is put a
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non-slip mat on the bottom of your tub. then when you get out, hold on to something. >> my brother fell in the shower, he still has a scar across his head where he hit his head on the faucet, bled significantly. >> next question, now we're in the laundry room. you should clean out the lint trap in your clothes dryer -- a, whenever it gets full. b, once a month. c, once a week. or d, before every load. >> whenever it gets full. guess my clothes are dirty. why is that a hazard? >> it can catch on fire. if your dryer's overloaded, if there are too many clothes in there, heat can escape and the lint can catch on fire. >> nobody's going to visit me now! my house is a death trap. >> one more. true or false -- knife blades are sharper than the edges of opened cans. >> false. >> that is false. yes. >> i know that because i just cut my hand opening dog food. >> 140,000 women go to the
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emergency room every year because of jag can edges. what you can do is get a smooth-edge can opener. that cuts underneath the lid of the can instead of cutting into the metal and leaving a jagged edge. >> i had to pour alcohol on my finger and everything after i opened that can. well through my pain, we've all learned. >> you can take the rest of the quiz online at >> little things we take for granted but you could end up in the hospital. great information. up next, from pop art cameras to minispeakers, perfect for traveling. jill martin is here with some fun finds right after this. we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a ski trip twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. ( thuds ) i'll take this. ( crashing ) double miles add up quick. and all of those. so we brought the whole gang. one adult, one goat please. it's hard to beat double miles. everyone knows two is better than one. introducing the venture card from capital one... with double miles on every purchase every day. go to
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guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%? this morning on "jill's fun finds," beauty products to keep you entertained this summer. jill martin is here with everything from an at-home deejay mixer -- yeah, my kind of thing! to candles for a good cause. jill, good morning. >> i didn't know that about you. >> that's so cool. you can have a great party. talk first about these great cameras. >> remember 35 millimeter film? i think we all forget. they actually make this. look at these photos. it takes four pictures, then it shows them in different hues. you just take the photo, then it comes out like that. you just develop it normal 4x6 film. another one gives you action shots. it has multi-lens and it will
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take four shots, and then it is just fun. it is just a fun way, i love giving these as a gift. if have you a party, develop them and send with your thank-you cards. everything's digital, remember film. go retro. lego animation video camera. this is great for the kids. it comes with an editing system. you plug it into the computer. >> you put different little men on top. >> it comes with a tripod. >> my son would love that. >> a great gift. this is at-home deejay system. and you can wicky-wicky which is not a term. you can put two ipods on and go back and forth and it has all the effects. how cool is that? >> i'm having way too much pun
9:23 am
fun. >> speakers attach, you can travel with them, plug them into the computer and you charge them so they work at home. ihome audio. >> for the person who kills all their plants, which i do. because i never remember to water them. >> this has a squirrel in the friend which acts like a buoy. when you water your plant, the squirrel is very happy. he stays out. when you don't, he's down. you know to water your plants. >> designers at home, this is great, an inexpensive way -- >> right. i love saving all my books. if you need art on the wall, just fun books that you want to keep around. it really adds to the wall. just screw them into the wall. that's it. >> the shelf disappears. >> invisible bookshelf. >> very cool. now the greeting card that's not yourom.
9:24 am
baldguygreetings. you know when swb breaomeone br with someone? you never know what to say? this is a break-up card. you know when someone thanks you for the thank you? this says you're welcome. then is says hey i just got your thank-you card and wanted to let you know, "you're welcome." >> i'm very confused right now. >> we love those. >> candles that are actually for good cause. >> i love these in the house. meant to spruce up any room. also it is given back to charity. every time you buy a candle, you give back to charity. >> if you want to know exactly the portion of your cereal you are eating? >> the lines measure it for you so you don't overeat. >> quickly, if you want to entertain in style. >> it used to be a caterer, they deliver to your house. $9.99 a platter.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a case of child sex abuse has one man under arrest and a 7- year-old being treated for gonorrhea the boyfriend of the girl's mother has been charged. according to a police affidavit, the abuse of aoccurred in may and both the suspect's mother tested positive for the disease. shortly after the test, the boyfriend admitted to having sexual contact with the child. police in anne arundel county reported i crash at
9:27 am
ritchie highway but no word on who may be at fault for the accident. the 47-year-old action in september were called a lapse of judgment. the man was sentenced to community service and a fine but prosecutors had been seeking jail time. now let's look at the forecast. >> we are really starting out in the 70's and just going up from there. it's cold front to the west and the great lakes. -- a stalled front out to the west and the great lakes. more storms generate today. we allow for the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms today. otherwise, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. south, southwest winds at 10 miles per hour. hot in humid on friday and
9:28 am
saturday. by next week, with cool down and try out. >> we will have another update at 9:55. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment.
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♪ baby baby baby ♪ like baby baby baby ♪ oh thought you'd always be mine ♪ >> that is of course the teenage phenom justin bieber who came out of canada wielding a whole bunch of talent and some youtube videos. now he's of course a certified superstar. he will bring here to bring bieber fever to the plaza. about 23 hours from now in case you're counting down. folks are out there sleeping, counting down. again, tomorrow here on "today." five days from now on tuesday, another huge concert, christina aguilera will be here
9:31 am
live heating up our summer concert series with a live performance on the plaza. if you're a fan, in the area, come on down. that's tuesday here on "today." she is phenomenal. i'm natalie morales along with tamron hall helping us out while al is covering the oil slick in the gulf. talking about hot concerts, we also had our "american idol" madness on the plaza today. >> the winner this year, lee dewyze, runner-up crystal bowersox will perform a duet in a few moments. >> that song when they sang it " "falling slowly," i kept playing over and over. this morning we'll show you simple and inexpensive ways to give your porch a little facelift and added curb appeal to make it an ideal place to hang out this summer. little lemonade. >> it's all how you work it.
9:32 am
you know what's a great snack while chilling on the porch? how about some shrimp burgers? in "today's kitchen," we're heading south of the border with mexican-inspired burgers that are healthy, easy to make and tasty as well. but first, let's get a check of the weather from al who is in pensacola, florida. al. >> hey, guys. this is what everybody's worried about. a resident brought this over to me. it is a bottle washed up in front of her house by her beach, covered with oil. she lives about 2 1/2 miles east of here. it is a mess. that's what they're worried about. the oil sheen about seven miles offshore. they expect it within 24 to 48 hours a real mess here. let's look at your weekend ahead. for saturday, we've got a risk of strong storms in the northeast. we've also got some clouds in the pacific northwest. sizzling throughout much of the rest of the country. then on sunday -- sunday -- we
9:33 am
are looking at more rain in the northeast. the northeast looking a little bit of a washout this weekend. got some clouds in the pacific northwest. much of the rest of the country going to be warm to sizzling. so a r >> things are quiet on this thursday morning. it will be a warm and humid de bridge late this afternoon there is a possibility of hit and miss thunder >> and that's your latest weather. ladies? >> great job dl ththis morning,. inexpensive ideas to bring a new look to your old porch right after this. to get the calcium d
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about as american as apple pie. but if your perfect resting spot is in need of a makeover, ivillage home expert suzanna stock is here. porches are really part of the american lifestyle and they have become an extension of our living rooms. >> exactly. i think people tend to forget they're like your greeting card to the rest of the world. it is very often the first thing people and you see as you approach your house so they really should be welcoming and comfortable, both for you and visitors. it doesn't cost a lot. there are some great choices out there. you don't have to redo it with tons and tons of pieces. sometimes just a couple of things will vamp it up for the summer. >> let to some of our viewers who have good questions and pornlgs in need of help. ashley in new york writes her porch is not user friendly at all and her two chairs are old and uncomfortable. if we look at her porch here in the pictures, she's got the rocking chairs. what's the problem you see here? rocking chairs look great.
9:39 am
>> yes. what a beautiful spot and a beautiful porch. i know that she likes to look out on the front lawn of her kids playing baseball. get some comfortable chairs. this chair from pier 1 has a real substantial quality to it. it has a great classic line to it. it is a place that you want to linger. i think being comfortable is so important. >> this is all-weather wicker. >> it is not expensive. it just looks gorgeous and inviting. >> a couple of these and you can really sink into it. >> create an environment on your porch. it doesn't have to be a place to just throw all your stuff in. >> if you're sitting here on your porch -- >> you'll want this great beverage stand. tupperware glasses. again it can be stylish and functional. we don't have to sort of throw everything out there. >> that's really comfortable. >> it looks great. again, create an environment where people want to come and linger. >> our next porch is owned by lauren in connecticut who thinks it is not exactly ghastly but really blah and wants to know how to make it more elegant.
9:40 am
when you add elegance to the mix, does that make it more uncomfortable? sometimes elegant can be not that comfortable. >> not at all. there are some great choices out there. she clearly loves to entertain and sit at her porch and have a drink. look at this fabulous mosaic table from home goods. it is $100. you get two chairs. it's got some life and style to it. for this price, i would almost get two. she has a big porch. make it a gathering spot. forget the paper plates. create a mood. this williams-sonoma -- this is not ceramic. look how pretty this looks. the williams-sonoma candles, again create a mood that's inviting. >> you've added the planter. >> it's like jewelry for your porch. accessories are just as important outside as they are in. really spend some time. you don't need to spend a lot of money but look at just a couple of planters and again it inst t instantly feels like an outdoor environment you want to spend time on and entertain pmt.
9:41 am
>> good solution. next violent in new jersey has a really large porch. she writes i like my murn tur but it still feels a little bare here. >> what she should do is perhaps create some environments in it. it is so large. you kind of want to create different areas. >> little settings. conversation areas. >> exactly. best place is with an outdoor rug. there are so many great outdoor rugs. this is from pottery barn, it is reversible. put it in different sections. maybe experiment a little. i love this jcpenney home bench. it can really take up a lot of space. >> put a cushion on that and make it more comfortable. >> i love this rolling cart. can you roll this back and forth between the different environments. again, have fun. make it stylish and functional. >> really beautiful. then finally, let's get to susan in rhode island who says she loves her porch but hasn't redecorated it in years. she can't afford to redo it
9:42 am
entirely. again, budget-conscious. you don't have to spend a lot. >> she has so much brick in her three-season porch. it is beautiful. i thought maybe get an outdoor rug. i love this one. from ballard design. it has a wonderful texture to it. check out this fabulous pier 1 chair. again, maybe something a little unexpected. not your traditional furniture. >> has a little moroccan feel. >> this is pottery barn outdoor pillow. look how beautiful and elegant that is. that can stay outside. a home goods garden stool. what i love about these is this can be for extra seating or a cocktail. it can be side table or front. >> these are usable. or a planter on top. >> they're like $50. i look this lat tern. again, accessories are important in porches because they create a mood and atmosphere just as they do in your indoor room. >> hope our viewers got some good pointers. for more great decorating ideas, go to our website,
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it works or it's free. this morning in "today's kitchen," we are cooking with a hot chef about to begin season two of "mexican made easy" on the food network. this morning she's showing us how to make a flavorful shrimp burger. >> a few minutes ago you said you didn't cook. i'm going to make you want to make this at home. >> you can say that because you grew up with chefs in the family. everyone in your family is a chef. >> i did. my aunt was a chef. my grandfather was a chef. i come from a family of people that just love -- you know mexican food. >> i appreciate the fact you've made it easy for those of us who don't have it in our blood. >> we're keeping it authentic and mexican because i'm from mexico. but it has to be really easy, otherwise you won't want to make
9:47 am
it. we have some shrimp right here. add them to the processor. we'll add chopped up garlic, add that in there. some fresh cilantro, a little bit of egg. you want it to bind together. it is a burger after all. if you don't add the egg, it will fall apart. add the egg. then to make it nice and crispy, i think japanese breadcrumbs instead of regular breadcrumbs. >> that's interesting. >> just add that. then process it a little bit. give it a whirl until it is nice and chunky. it starts to come together in a little ball. >> and then here we have some shrimp that's nice and chopped. we can just take this out here. this is the beginning of our burger. you already have shrimp in there but you want those big pieces so when you bite into the burger you get those big pieces. >> so you feel like you're getting a burger.
9:48 am
>> exactly. add that in here. here we have beautiful chilies. they have been charred and peeled. just add them in there. then a little bit of onion. mix that up. that's your burger patty. just form it into whatever size you want. i like something nice and oval. >> you can grill these as well. >> it is making my mouth water. the weather is so nice here in new york, you can do it outside on the grill. then this is our finished burger. >> how long do you have to cook this? >> only a few minutes per side. make sure it is cooked through because it is shrimp but shrimp cooks up really quickly. maybe two, three minutes a side. >> i like the crispiness. >> it is those crumbs that make it delicious and nice and crispy. >> and it makes it easy to eat it without the bun. >> absolutely. here we have a wonderful little
9:49 am
sourdough bun. some butter lettuce. >> i don't know how to cook, but you don't turn down eating. a little tomato. >> this is not as traditional, but this is actually a recipe i picked up in puerto vallarta, mexico. this is like a guacamole but it is a little more loose. mayo, avocado, cilantro, serrano to make it nice and spicy. take the seeds and the vein out and then it is not so spicy. >> smells fantastic. >> are you going to take a big old bite? >> yeah, of course. don't know how to take little bites of anything. >> go for it. >> marcella, this looks amazing. delicious. >> yay! she likes the burger. >> it is amazing. what do you serve with this? just the burger or whatever other things you have? >> grilled corn would be perfect with this.
9:50 am
you get all those ideas in the show. it is about keeping it real easy but with all the flavors of mexico that i grew up with. >> you grew up in tijuana. >> i did. i would cross the international border every day so i'd pick up all these recipes. we had burgers in san diego but i wanted to add that mexican spice. >> thank you. it is fantastic. up next, a special duet from "american idol's" lee dewyze and crystal bowersox. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ giggles ]
9:52 am
got a fire hazard here with tamron hall. you're going to light the kitchen on fire. >> nothing like a little crispiness. >> some call it burn, i call it crispy. >> exactly! >> this is tasty, isn't it? >> this is really good. yum. now i know what to prepare for dinner tomorrow. they came in one and two on "american idol," lee dewyze and
9:53 am
crystal bowersox. they blew away the competition. >> you know what's amazing? hearing them sing together. this morning on our plaza, they're sharing the stage. ladies and gentlemen, lee and crystal with "falling slowly." ♪ ♪ i don't know you but i want you ♪ ♪ all the more for that ♪ words fall through me ♪ always fool me ♪ and i can't react ♪ the games that never amount to more than they're meant ♪ ♪ will play themselves out
9:54 am
♪ oh take this sinking boat and point it home ♪ ♪ we've still got time ♪ raise your hopeful voice ♪ you have a choice ♪ you've made it now ♪ i don't know you but i want you ♪ ♪ we've still got time ♪ falling slowly ♪ why don't you come home
9:55 am
>> you guys are awesome. >> live, local, latebreaking. a this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the case of child sex abuse has one man under arrest and a 7- year-old being treated for gonorrhea. the boyfriend of the girl's mother has been charged according to the police affidavit, the abuse occurred in may and both the suspect and the mother tested positive for the disease. shortly after the test, the boyfriend reportedly admitted to having sexual contact with the
9:56 am
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and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. what? they're more comfortable. >> warm and muggy this morning. thunderstorms likely to develop, and we have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area. otherwise, partly cloudy and hot. temperatures around 90.
9:58 am
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